5 Habits to Show Kids Love – Simply Convivial

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Homeschool lists! Let’s talk and share all sorts of lists this month during The Nester’s 31 Days series. I’ll share my lists, from managing day to day details to book lists to checklists to supply lists – rest assured, if it can be listed, I have listed it. So I pulled my best lists – yes, I had to abridge and combine the list of lists to bring it down to 31 – and I’ll be sharing them this month. … Read More

5 Sanity-Savers for Homeschooling Moms – Simply Convivial

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As homeschooling moms, our sanity is vital and often at-risk, isn’t it? Here are five strategies I have for keeping my mental and emotional buffer padded. Homeschooling Lists in Abundance During this month of homeschool lists we’re starting with the essentials, and even more essential than the book lists (which, I know, are quite important), is mom’s sanity. If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. And if the kids aren’t happy, they probably aren’t learning very well. We can do … Read More

Habits: The Secret for Smooth and Easy Days? – Simply Convivial

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Years ago, when I had only quite small children and I had immersed myself in books on educational theory, I latched onto an oft-quoted bit of wisdom from Charlotte Mason: The mother who takes pains to endow her children with good habits secures for herself smooth and easy days. She’s right, of course, but also wrong. I copied this quote out I don’t know how many times. I returned to it again and again, always hopeful – maybe this time … Read More

Five Tips for Making Room: Extras are Riches – Simply Convivial

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Today’s post in the Planning with the Scholé Sisters series is from Brandy on how to fit in the extras, and why they are necessary. I think that, culturally, we are finally moving away from the conception that the so-called “Three R’s” are what a good, solid, simple education should look like. I’m glad because, taken alone, the Three R’s are about as boring and utilitarian as you can get. When I think of my own life as a student … Read More

The Heart of Household Help: Motivation to Clean House – Simply Convivial

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Cleaning house is a drag. And the more you live in your house, the more you have to clean. And who lives in their house more than a homeschooling family? In my reading of productivity materials, there is a lot said for working in your passion, for delegating what is not one of your “core competencies.” That boils down to: “No one who is successful cleans their own house.” After all, anyone can do it, right? So clearly you are … Read More

Desiring the Kingdom, week 13: Law, Confession, and Freedom – Simply Convivial

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This week for Desiring the Kingdom, we’re discussing the chapter 5 sections “Law,” “Confession & Pardon,” and “Baptism.” I’m sorry I’m so late in getting this out. It is too bad, too, because this was a great section! I wish I could delve into it a bit deeper, but that just isn’t going to work out right now. Chapter 5 might just make the slog through the middle worth it. :) Summary: The elements of worship teach us of the … Read More

Contagious Conviviality: Counting little blessings – Simply Convivial

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It’s so easy to be caught up in our own heads and to-do lists, letting the pretty, happy, funny, and real bits of life fly unnoticed over our heads, leaving us wallowing in remembrances of mostly our bad moments. It takes effort and grace to be present in the moment, but it is only when we are that we notice the little seemingly-insignificant details that open a world of love and humor and happiness in family life. The happiness of … Read More

All of Life Is Repentance – Simply Convivial

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Fortiter fideliter forsan feliciter, or Repentance part of the Education Is for Life series This series is rather ill-timed and ill-spaced. Honestly, these posts have actually required research of me, and a lot of thinking. So they have taken longer to write and hence are spread out over months rather than running for a week or two as I had originally thought. The series began while listening to Chris Perrin’s recent webinars on Principles of Classical Education, when I realized … Read More

Desiring the Kingdom: Schedules and Routines Are Deep Waters – Simply Convivial

Smith has a call-out box in chapter 2 titled “A Practices Audit.” Here, we get practical; we get personal. Even without that direct invitation to examine our habits, this chapter certainly had me thinking that direction. Do I have practices, habits, that I am assuming are thin, insignificant, when they are actually thick, charged with shaping power? If we mistakenly think that certain habits or practices are neutral, or even thin, when they are actually quite thick and loaded, then … Read More

Contagious Conviviality: Catching smiles – Simply Convivial

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~ Capturing contentment and contagious conviviality in everyday life. ~ Though I have a pretty family, I often do not look at them with a happy expression nor respond to their funny antics; this is a real temptation, a real opportunity for sanctification. Smiling Begets Love Smile at each other, smile at your wife, smile at your husband, smile at your children, smile at each other — it doesn’t matter who it is — and that will help you to … Read More

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