Cheerful Chores Challenge, week 1: Morning Chores
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Alright, so let’s get set for 6 weeks of a “cheerful chores challenge.” This summer I’m working on shoring up our home-keeping routines while we aren’t doing school so that when we start school again in July (on our year-round schedule), we will already have those habits covered and won’t be trying to add everything at once. I’ve gone over our weekly plan, my “weekly time budget” as I call it, and seen where the chores would fit in and … Read More

Happy Housekeeping Help: Enjoy Household Tasks
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Is it even possible to learn to enjoy household tasks? Not just to get them done, but even to like them? I believe it is. When we as homeschooling mothers realize that education is about living well more than about subjects and tests and getting into college, we also begin to see that education applies even to us in our day to day life. As Augustine & C.S. Lewis tell us, education is about shaping our loves, making us love … Read More

The Heart of Household Help: Motivation to Clean House
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Cleaning house is a drag. And the more you live in your house, the more you have to clean. And who lives in their house more than a homeschooling family? In my reading of productivity materials, there is a lot said for working in your passion, for delegating what is not one of your “core competencies.” That boils down to: “No one who is successful cleans their own house.” After all, anyone can do it, right? So clearly you are … Read More

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real, Exhausting: Working the Plan
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Sometimes I feel silly working on yet another plan, another schedule, even if it’s not one where I’m scheduling every half hour of everyone’s day. But, I keep coming back to it. I mentioned my feeling silly about it to my husband, who shrugged, “I thought it was your hobby.” Well, yes, actually, it is. And, generally, I think it’s been a hobby that has benefited myself and my family. But whether or not it benefits myself and my family … Read More

Home Organization Book Review: Large Family Logistics
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Not only was last week a school break week, but we also had and have a string of hosting commitments that gave me the added commitment and deadline to get the house into a little better shape. Of course I had an unreasonably long list, but if I think about what I did get done instead of what I didn’t get done, I am quite pleased. So, with a couple social hostings down and a few next weekend as well, … Read More

What Am I Maintaining?

So for the last month or so, I’ve tried to regain my grasp on homekeeping and such, which I lost during first trimester fatigue and brain-function loss. I admit, it’s been rather frustrating. But I finally realized why. One morning I turned to an oft-reread 3 pages in A Mother’s Rule of Life – I have written a review of A Mother’s Rule of Life previously – wherein I find a motivating and personally relevant pep talk (pages 171-176, if … Read More

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