One Word for 2017

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You might think that because I have a whole system for life management laid out, I have it all together. But it’s not true. I get distracted. I get off track. I try flying by the seat of pants. Then I crash and burn. That’s why I’m just as excited as everyone else for the New Year New Attitude Consistency Crew. And that’s why I’ve chosen a very particular word to focus my attention and efforts this year: Reliable My … Read More

Reliable Homeschooling

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Do you do the One Word thing for the new year? I know it’s a thing – a thing I’ve participated in before – but I’m not sure who started it. I do think it is helpful to find a focus for a short-term period, whether that’s a planning interval or a school term or a year. Not long ago I would have called a year-long focus a long-term focus, but the years are speeding up and it now seems … Read More