How to organize your attitude without faking

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We all want to know how to organize our lives, and I am fond of saying that we start not with the closets but with our attitudes. I use the tagline “organize your attitude” – but what does that mean? Is your attitude something you can actually change? Does it mean faking a smile or pretending what went wrong was actually ok? There isn’t faking involved, but there is humility and repentance. Yes, you can actually change your attitude by … Read More

Our job is to feed people.

It’s so easy to feel worn down by our work in the home. The work is always needing to be done again, over and over, day after day. Won’t it ever stop?
 Do you want it to? Of course not. Not really. To wish it all to stop is a death wish – and nowhere is that more clearly seen than in our most basic of tasks – feeding people. What happens when people don’t eat? They die. Feeding people … Read More

Why You Want to Give Up Homeschooling

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It’s February. Like clockwork homeschool moms hit burn out mode this time of year. Yes, it might be cloudy skies, lack of sleep, or holiday sugar-binges catching up with us, but if it’s a serious case – a break-the-pencils, I-quit sort of case – we will probably need to dig a little deeper. You know I’ve said you have to have a homeschool vision and you need solid principles, but these February days are where the rubber meets the roads and … Read More

Repetition, The Best Teacher

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Repetitio Mater Memoriae, or Repetition part of the Education Is for Life series This motto is a bonus principle! When I started the Education is for Life series, I said I had five principles, trying to condense Christopher Perrin’s eight. But it turns out I couldn’t leave this one out. With each post, my thoughts kept returning to the idea of repetition. Actually, nearly every day I am confronted with the idea and the reality of repetition. The longer I … Read More

Simply Contemplate: Wisdom is Fearing God & Keeping His Commandments

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I’m in a small online book club with my best friend (IRL! But 4 hours away) and her mom and sister-in-law (who are local to me). We’re reading Jeffrey Meyers’ Ecclesiastes: A Table in the Mist, a short layman’s commentary on Ecclesiastes, which is one of my favorite books of the Bible. I’ve never found it to be a depressing book, and this commentary backs me up in that impression. I’d say Meyers’ overarching point is that the hebel/vanity/vapor theme … Read More