Know that life will change.

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Organize your attitude #14 Too often we go into a manic planning or organizing fit, thinking that if we just get on top of it now, we’ll be on top of it once and for all. A “once and for all” attitude to organizing, cleaning, or planning is bound to disappoint. Nothing in this life is once and for all.     #077: Life will change. It’s ok Life goes through different phases, stages, and seasons. Nothing we do will … Read More

Keep realistic expectations.

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How to organize your attitude #2 A potent attitude poison is unrealistic expectations. When we make a to-do list full of our own pet projects when our time is actually taken up with our children and their needs, we’re going to be grumpy and feel our children are getting in the way. Instead, we need to put them on our to-do lists and make sure we meet their needs before we add more in. When we think that we can … Read More