My Whole30 Became a Whole18

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Yes, that’s right. It’s over. Eating well is not over, eating with limits and rules is not over, but following the Whole30 strict, ascetic, ruthless plan is over. One of the things the Whole30 promises to do is break your bad food habits. Part of the way this works is that, while following the Whole30, you have no reason to care about eating. All the pleasure of food is removed, and what you are left with is bare nutrition. I … Read More

Simplified Whole30, Day 17

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Yesterday, on Simplified Whole30: Day 16** Breakfast Mushrooms with eggs are delightful. Lunch I accidentally skipped lunch! We had lunch with friends and I packed lunch for the kids and didn’t have time to pack a lunch for me. Then I had no time between arriving home, putting the younger kids down, and the beginning of the writing class I teach. Finally, the class over, the boys set to finishing their daily checklists, and I realized I was rather hungry. … Read More

Simplified Whole30, Day 16

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Yesterday, on Simplified Whole30: Day 15** Breakfast Eggs, eggs, eggs. Actually, I enjoy eggs for breakfast and have had them for at least 3 years almost every day, so breakfast is not too bad. Lunch Salad with leftover chicken, bell peppers, and pear. Dinner We had “deconstructed” fajitas: chicken strips and bell peppers and onions sautèed, with avocado slices on top. I served green beans on the side. Day 16 Status Update Today I was within a hair’s breadth of … Read More

Simplified Whole30, catch-up post

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Last time, on Simplified Whole30: Day 9 Yes, I am still doing the Whole30 program! I spent several days in severe food boredom, where preparing and eating the food was bad enough, but taking (poor quality) photos of it was just too much. I did a few times, though, so I’ll catch you up on what we’ve been eating with a smattering of photos from the last few days. Breakfast Eggs were my staple breakfast for years before now, but … Read More

Whole30, Day 9

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Yesterday, on Simplified Whole30: Day 8** Incomplete pictures today. I am still feeling crummy. Breakfast Eggs scrambled with coconut oil. I also had bit of raw red pepper and a banana. And a cup of black coffee. Lunch I was feeling ill again by lunch and only had a small bowl of frozen blueberries and a few cashews. Dinner I roasted an extra turkey I had purchased and frozen at Thanksgiving time. We had it with roasted frozen broccoli (with … Read More

Whole30, Day 8

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Yesterday, on Simplified Whole30: Day 7** Breakfast A full breakfast: eggs, sautéed veggies, and orange slices. Lunch Lunch was tricky today, because there were no leftovers still. I need to cook extra meat at dinner so lunches aren’t so hard. Dinner Dinner was beef stew and broccoli slaw. Morale is quite low, but that’s due to the virus plaguing us more than to Whole30.

Whole30, Day 7

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Yesterday, on Simplified Whole30: Day 6 Breakfast I had eggs and raw red bell pepper. Not bad. It felt good to be better and making meals again. Lunch I felt totally uninspired to cook or do any sort of food prep, but I managed to do so anyway. I made a homemade mayonnaise with avocado oil and used that with some canned salmon for a salmon salad on top of spinach. Mayo actually doesn’t take long to whip up, so … Read More

Simplified Whole30, Day 6

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Yesterday, on Simplified Whole30: Day 5** I was still recovering from the flu, so I didn’t get any pictures. For breakfast I had a banana and two scrambled eggs and a cup of black coffee. I was starting to feel better, and the food did help. Later, I had two more scrambled eggs. For a mid-afternoon snack, I had a plain hamburger patty. Then at dinner, I ate half a grilled chicken thigh and about a handful of lettuce. The … Read More

Simplified Whole30, Day 5

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Yesterday, on Simplified Whole30: Day 4** I had the full-on flu on Day 5: aches, fever, chills, splitting headache. It’s going around town now, so it was the genuine thing and not some sort of exaggerated Whole30 symptom. My husband didn’t feel this way (yet). I slept almost the entire day, and while that sounds lovely, it felt awful. Over the course of the day I ate two pears and a banana. That’s all. No pictures.

Simplified Whole30, Day 4

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Yesterday, on Simplified Whole30: Day 3 Just a reminder to new readers: I actually began my whole30 on Monday, December 30, but I’m publishing the days to correspond with the days in January. This gives me a little leeway to get the photos uploaded and the posts written. :) Hence the past tense used in my comments. One Whole30 rule I am not following is the “don’t weigh yourself” rule. Almost four years ago I started weighing myself every day, … Read More

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