31 Days of Organizing Homeschool Stuff: Evernote for Homeschool Planning & Records

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Organizing Homeschool Stuff

When you think “organized,” what picture pops into your mind? Probably something that would make a splash on Pinterest: something beautiful, something labeled, something amazing. But, organization is actually about being prepared and having a useful home for your stuff – and that’s it.

Being organized means making it work for you, not you for it. If it makes your life harder rather than easier, that’s not organized.

My Evernote Planning Notes

containing homeschool clutter

So, you can find all sorts of Pinterest-linked blog posts about cute homeschool planning printables. They work for some, but not for me. I know digital doesn’t work for everyone, either, but it might be worth trying.

Rather than a paper-filled binder, I keep my planning “pages” as notes in Evernote. In previous years, the only planning page (that doubled as a record) was my year overview page. Now that I’m into fifth grade, I’m trying to do better about note-taking as we go along to find my groove and make it a habit before we get into the grades where record-keeping is important.

So in addition to my note with the year’s overview, I have been making a weekly planning note in Evernote. It starts out as the plan, with what should happen each day, and as I take notes through the week, it becomes the record of what actually happens. And I try not to let the disparity get to me.

organizing homeschool stuff

Or, at least, that’s the idea. I’m usually playing catch-up on the previous week’s note, but then when it’s finished I click a button and email it to my husband, so he has an objective idea of what’s happening and not just my biased run-down of the day.

I keep my writing class lesson plans, with all the sentences and homework assignments and anything else I generate captured in an Evernote notebook. So, when I do this class again in 4 years or so, I won’t have to reinvent this wheel. After all, I’ll be reinventing the ninth grade wheel, which will be quite enough, thank you.


Digital Home Organizer and Planner

I like this set up because

  • I always know where the information I need is.
  • The information is searchable.
  • The information is available on the ‘net, so I can access it from other computers or my iPod Touch if I need or want to.
  • I just like it.

organizing homeschool stufforganizing homeschool stuff

Being organized means making it work for you, not you for it. If it makes your life harder rather than easier, that’s not organized. This is how I do it, but you should decide what will work best for you, in your situation, with your stuff, with your personality.

Digital Home Organizer and Planner

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