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An index card will help you keep your daily to-do list short.

After years of trying numerous methods and papers for my daily list and never really being happy with them, I’ve finally landed on a way that has stuck, that helps by its very nature, and that I’m happy to share with anyone who will listen.

I keep my list on a simple index card. I write a large capital I to make columns and rows. The top row gets the date written out. The left column is for the one or two most important “work” goals for the day (for me, “work” means homeschooling). The right column is for the one or two house-related tasks that would make the biggest impact in my sanity that day. Then the bottom column is for one or two personal project goals for that day (usually blogging for me, but sometimes other events I’m helping with).

With such limited space, I’m forced to keep my to-do list short, which is another way of saying realistic.

Simple Home System: Index Card Daily To-Do List

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An index card will help you keep your daily to-do list short

Pieces of this system

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Make This System Useful For You

This system is great because it’s very flexible and customizable. Everyone has a different set of responsibilities and priorities. The index card method reminds you by its very nature to focus on your priorities and to not overestimate what you’re able to get done.

This is also covered in more detail in my course, Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done, which will lead you through customizing systems like this to fit your unique situation and style.

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How do you keep track of your daily to-do list?

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