How to organize your calendar

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Learning how to organize your calendar is one of the first steps to take when you want to get organized, because your calendar is your most important organization tool. If you are are learning how to organize your life, your calendar is the best place to start.

Learn three simple tips to organize your calendar!

Learn how to organize your calendar! If you’re a busy mom and you want to be organized, you absolutely MUST have a working, accurate calendar. These 3 tips will have you using an organized calendar and bing more in control and aware of your time. Time management is an important skill for both the stay at home mom and the working mom.

These organization tips will boost your productivity and enable better home management. Whether you use a wall calendar, google calendar, or a pocket planner – these 3 calendar organization tips will make the calendar of your choice work for you.

There are three things your calendar must be if it is going to be organized – and the only way to keep it organized is to keep using it, keep updating it, and keep looking at it.

#1. Organize your calendar by putting all appointments on it.

If you’ve made a commitment to someone else to be somewhere or do something at a particular time, it should be on your calendar.

Don’t assume you’ll remember or put any appointment – even sports practices or regular club meetings you think you’ll never forget. Put them all on the calendar. These are not clutter; they are reminders that your time is spoken for.

What is calendar-clutter is non-obligations or anytime-commitments on the calendar. These should be on a to-do list, not on your calendar. Your calendar should be an at-a-glance chart of how much time you have available to you, in what chunks, each day.

#2 Organize your calendar by making it easy to see.

Your calendar will do you no good if you don’t look at it.

You can use a large wall calendar, a portable planner with a calendar, or a digital calendar – but the key is that it is easy and convenient to look at it.

And then we must look at it – multiple times a day.

#3 Organize your calendar by color-coding it

If you do have a lot of people or a variety of commitments that make it hard to see at-a-glance what’s on your plate when you look at your calendar, you can use color-coding to make visual distinctions.

Repeating, regular obligations can go in a lighter color so that the one-off appointments stand out more boldly.

Commitments that simply involve you dropping off and picking up your kids can be in a particular color, separate from your own obligations.

What calendar tips do you have for keeping your calendar organized and useful in your life? Share in the comments!

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