What’s education good for? – Isocrates on public service

Sometimes it’s easy to sigh on a Tuesday morning and think, “What am I doing? What is the point anyway?” Today, Isocrates reminds us of the point – or, at least, one point. The Great Tradition: Classical Readings on What It Means to Be an Educated Human Being is a collection of the writings about education from Plato to the modern era, the writings that have informed the development of western civilization and classical education. CH059: Where Education Begins & … Read More


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Organize Your Attitude #9 Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. –Mother Theresa It’s easy to smile at our newborns, smile at a cute three-year-old antic, smile at our bigger kids when they volunteer to help out. It’s good our life as mother provides us these opportunities to smile, because smiling is good for us and it is good for our kids. SO065: Choose Your Expression. Smiling … Read More

Recite mottos.

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Organize Your Attitude #7 A motto is a short saying that helps you stay focused and committed. Having little mottos will make it easier for you remember to do what you want to do. SO063: Give Yourself a Motto Some of my mottos include Work the plan. Roll with the punches. Choose the right next thing. Uses est magister optimus. (Practice is the best teacher.) Come what may, time and the hour run through the roughest day. (Shakespeare) Prayer is … Read More

Pause to pray.

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Organize Your Attitude #5 The advice to begin our days with prayer is often heard, and rightly so. We need grace and clarity to face our duties with faith, love, and patience. We do well to heed that advice. But prayer is also something we can weave into everything we do, as 1 Thessalonians tells us, “pray without ceasing.” SO054: Prayerful Pause The Heidelberg Catechism asks a question I think we’ve all felt, whether or not we’ve said it out … Read More

The secret to sanity at home.

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It’s February. Are you feeling it, fellow homeschool mom in the trenches? It’s so easy to let our mood slide with the weather into the gray, foggy blahs. We can feel trapped, low, crabby. In the first episode of our new podcast, The Scholé Sisters Podcast, we talk about how levity – lightheartedness, humor, cheerfulness – is a burnout prevention method. When we sink into seriousness, into get-it-all-done mode, into self-importance, we’re bound to be pulled down, lose our joy, … Read More

Meditate on truth.

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Organize your attitude #4 Meditation is rather hip right now, but the kind of meditation I am speaking of is not emptying our minds, but rather filling them. The Psalms speak of meditation, and in the New Testament we are exhorted to meditate on what is good and true and upright and beautiful. Think on these things. We are thus commanded with good reason: it is good for us. It is good for our attitudes. It is how we keep … Read More

Change the story.

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Organize your attitude #3 What we think matters. While it’s still awkward and uncomfortable, we accept the story God is telling in our lives and tell it to ourselves. We can take the reins and “take every thought captive.” We can change our thoughts. And by changing our thoughts, we can change the story we see ourselves acting. Notice the story. Our racing thoughts include an interpretation of what is happening to us. What is happening? What does it mean? … Read More

Keep realistic expectations.

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How to organize your attitude #2 A potent attitude poison is unrealistic expectations. When we make a to-do list full of our own pet projects when our time is actually taken up with our children and their needs, we’re going to be grumpy and feel our children are getting in the way. Instead, we need to put them on our to-do lists and make sure we meet their needs before we add more in. When we think that we can … Read More

Choose a growth mindset.

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How to organize your attitude #1 An organized attitude is a growth-oriented attitude. An attitude that perceives life from the lens of growth rather than mere failure or success makes us resilient, open, grateful. When we see the circumstances God sends our way as opportunities to grow, then we do not have to fear, we do not have to get angry, we do not have to panic. Instead, we hunker down and see that we are being given the opportunity … Read More

A teacher must pay attention.

What is education? I love to collect quotes on what education means. Definitions are important, because without them we can be using the same word but with entirely different understandings of what we’re talking about. Without understanding what it is we’re trying to do each and every day with our children, we flounder and fall back on our defaults – what’s easiest rather than what’s best. Knowing definitions is utterly practical. CH057: A Teacher’s Attention So today’s quote, still from … Read More

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