Large Family Home Life. (with Celeste Cruz)

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In this free homeschool chat, Mystie Winckler and Celeste Cruz discuss the unique challenges and blessings of living a full life at home with a large family and lots of little ones. They cover interruptions, to-do lists, expectations, and strategies for keeping your head in the game and your attitude organized. Mystie, homeschooling mother of 5, loves to take big ideas and grand visions and make them practicable in real life. So she blogs about organizing attitudes & systems and … Read More

5 Things I Learned in 2019

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A new year is upon us and before jumping into the freshness of new plans and new goals, it’s good to stop and reflect. We need to move forward in light of where we’re at. We need to make adjustments and changes based on what we know does and doesn’t work – which we will only know if we stop and reflect. So here goes – here are 5 things I learned about myself, my goals, and working those goals … Read More

Old-Fashioned Homemaking

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Homemaking has fallen on hard times for the last hundred or more years. Though its been devalued by our culture, in reality, it has not lost any value to the family. Homemakers don’t need to be full-time to be vital to their families and to the whole world and society at large.  Homemaking is not about achieving a certain look or state in the home. Homemaking is a process, a service of love through hospitality to those who live in … Read More

Why a gratitude list will get you nowhere.

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You can hardly find a planner these days that doesn’t direct you to write down three things you’re grateful for every day. Does a gratitude list actually make anyone more productive? I’ve written before that gratitude makes us more productive, but it’s not universally true. Your gratitude list only makes a difference if it’s true gratitude. The dictionary definition of both gratitude and thanks confirms it: Thanksgiving must be directed to a person. If it’s not addressed to someone, it … Read More

Homemaking Hacks (a podcast episode with Virginia Lee Rogers)

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When we think of homemaking basics or homemaking hacks, we should not let HGTV or Pinterest or Martha Stewart be the standard or the ideal. Homemaking is not about achieving a certain look or state in the home. Homemaking is a process, a service, of love through hospitality to those who live in and enter into our home. In this episode I’m chatting with Virginia Lee Rogers, my customer support manager and fellow NTJ personality type about unconventional homemaking hacks. … Read More

Transformation Tuesdays: Expecting & Enjoying Entropy

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Transformation Tuesday is one of my little homemaking mottos that helps me tackle housecleaning in small bites and tame my attitude at the same time. When we wonder how to organize our life, we usually think about containers, labels, and homes that magically stay clean without further effort. But someone who is organized is someone willing to continue taking the effort of homekeeping, to maintain the work consistently. Entropy is real, and it’s not an enemy to conquer. It’s a … Read More

(Easy!) Pumpkin Spice Shortbread Cookie Recipe

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Today I want to share with you a super simple, delicious cookie recipe. Goodness. So simple it’s almost embarrassing to share. Those are the best kind, though, right? My favorite recipes are ones you can memorize. Why? Because I am almost always cooking around small children, with other things on my mind, and intense recipe-reading or complicated steps are almost always a recipe for disaster. Case-in-point: As I was finishing up the last batch of cookies for this post, I … Read More

Homekeeping takes a team – build yours!

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When you stare at the laundry piles in the bedrooms, the dirty dish stacks on the counters, the crumb accumulations across the floors, homekeeping can feel impossible, especially as a one-woman endeavor. It seemed like it’d be so easy, but most of us come to the place of realizing that we’d flunk out of Homemaking 101, if there was such a thing. We desperately want to organize our lives, to be happy moms, to actually finish something for once and … Read More

Making a good house cleaning routine for you.

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We all want to have a clean house without spending all day getting and keeping it clean. It is possible! We just need a good house cleaning routine that works for our lives. Once we figure out the best house cleaning routine for our own homes and habits, we can turn it into a checklist and make it happen regularly. Checklists are even more helpful when the steps they list out are for bite-sized routines, routines that are not themselves … Read More

How to Grocery Shop

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Ack! No milk! Off to the grocery store! Was there something else you needed? There was, wasn’t there? What was it?

 Oh, look, this is on sale. That isn’t, but I think I need some. Might as well wander down this aisle to shortcut to the other side. Oops – walked straight past the pasta, and we definitely need some of that. How many grocery store trips feel like a random grab-bag and confused wandering? It happens to us all, … Read More

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